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According to experts



Feb 20, 2017, 8:25 PM

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According to experts, because of its own characteristics, the sun shines on its surface, its catalytic response function will "start". At this time if the indoor formaldehyde and other harmful substances, will be degraded. Equivalent to a natural air purifier.[url=]particle board in manila supplier
Without plugging and can be carried out at room temperature. Compared to the air purifier, it has a feature. That is no secondary pollution. Many consumers buy air purifier, often only focus on brand, purification effect. The secondary pollution produced by the purifier was ignored. Efficient photocatalytic coating, its own stability is good, will not produce secondary pollution.[url=]Buy White Wooden Flooring
Moreover, it has its own anti-fouling, self-cleaning function. Painted on the wall, even after many years, the wall with the new like.[url=]timber tongue and groove wholesale suppliers
With such a paint, both safe and trouble. Readers may be a little worried, so good things, once the market, the price has been quite high. Ordinary people, it is estimated that can not afford. This question, the reporter conducted a consultation. The researchers say the cost of this coating is low. After mass production, the price will not be high. Ordinary people, certainly from the use of.[url=]insulation with wood grain


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