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How does wood floor maintain?



Mar 13, 2017, 11:07 PM

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How does wood floor maintain? Can't Post

How does wood floor maintain? wood floor namely floor, is compound floor. Official name is the country floor of woodiness of macerate paper lamination, of this kind of floor maintain opposite with real wood kind it is easy to be compared the floor, how should maintain in floor of wood of the in daily life so?

1, the heaven and earth that water is wooden floor, want to maintain the Gan Shuang of wood floor and cleanness normally so, do not rinse with many water, pay attention to avoid floor bureau the ministry is long-term and soggy.

2, the besmirch of surface of wood floor and oily be soiled undertake cleanness with domestic cleaner please, do not use many Shui Laiqing to wash a floor. Surface of wood floor is encountered have besmirch, use commonly do not drip the wet mop of water is wiped can. If touch chocolate, grease, fruit juice, beverage to wait, need to use Wen Shui and neuter cleaner to wipe only can. If be waited to pollute by lipstick, crayon, ink, usable methanol or acetone are wiped gently can.

3, the proposal places pedal loiter mat in doorway place, take grit in case, of floor of scathing wood exceeds serious article to should be put aside smoothly when putting; to carry furniture, do not procrastinate please drag, it is advisable to be moved in order to carry.

4, the direct illuminate that wood floor wants to prevent intense sun as far as possible and high temperature are artificial of illuminant roast meat for long bake, lest surface of wood floor shifts to an earlier date weather-shack with ageing. Monsoon should close good window, lest wave,rain soaks a floor. Should pay attention to at the same time indoor ventilated, send out indoor damp, the indoor temperature that keeps normal also is helpful for the extension of life of wood floor.

5, northward and dry area, the humidity that raises appearance of wood floor should be paid attention to in winter, use moisture pull cloth to pull the land, increase upper humidity appropriately, can solve wood floor effectively to produce aperture and craze. If specific place produces craze, inform a sale of in time the unit please, ministry of play a game of chess undertakes fill is handled. After fill, increase upper humidity appropriately, recover from an illness at wood floor with

6, wood floor does not need to wax and paint, avoid by all means uses polish of sand paper burnish. Because wood floor is different from real wood floor, its surface is compared originally smooth, brightness is better also, wax instead is met ruin the effect by adding sth superfluous, outsmart oneself.
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