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health disinfection



Sep 19, 2017, 4:47 AM

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Paint the function of protection: anti-corrosion, waterproof, anti-oil, chemical resistance, light, temperature and so on. Objects exposed to the atmosphere, by the oxygen, moisture and other erosion, resulting in metal corrosion, wood decay, cement weathering and other damage.[url=]white composite picket fences
Coating on the surface of the object to form a protective film, can prevent or delay the occurrence and development of these damage, so that the life of various materials to extend. Therefore, the protective effect is a major role in the coating.
Decorative features: color, gloss, pattern and flatness. Different materials of the object coated with paint, can be colorful, colorful appearance, play a role in beautifying the human living environment, the human material life and spiritual life can not be ignored contribution.[url=]wood plastic composite decking chair
Other features: mark, anti-fouling, insulation and so on. For modern coatings, this effect is increasingly indicative of the importance of the first two effects. Some of the modern coating varieties can provide a variety of different special functions, such as: electrical insulation, conductive, shielding electromagnetic waves, anti-static and other effects; mold, sterilization, insecticide, anti-marine biological adhesion and other biochemical aspects of the role[url=]recycled plastic patio furniture
Resistance to light, heat, temperature and temperature mark, to prevent the role of thermal insulation, ablation and other thermal insulation; the role of reflected light, light, absorption and reflection of infrared, solar absorption, shielding radiation, marking color and other optical properties; , Self-lubricating, anti-cracking splash and other mechanical properties of the role; there are anti-noise, vibration, health disinfection, anti-condensation, anti-icing and other different effects. With the development of the national economy and the progress of science and technology, the coating will provide and enjoy all kinds of special features in various aspects.[url=]wood composites latest invention


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