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How to configure the reducer in the design of ultrafine mill



Dec 11, 2017, 8:28 PM

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How to configure the reducer in the design of ultrafine mill Can't Post

The ultrafine mill Reducer is a kind of power transmission mechanism, using the speed converter of the gear, the rotary number of the electric BW type foot-plate horizontal cycloid reducer Machine (motor) is slowed down to the desired number of rotations, and the mechanism of the larger torque is obtained. At present, the application range of the reducer is quite extensive in the mechanism of transmission power and motion. In almost all kinds of mechanical transmission system can see its traces, from the transport of ships, automobiles, locomotives, construction of heavy machinery, machinery industry, such as industrial grinding equipment, such as Raymond Grinder, [url=]ultrafine mill and crushing equipment such as jaw crusher, counterattack crusher, sand machine, fine machine, etc., to daily life common home appliances , clocks and so on. Its application from the transmission of large power to small load, accurate angle transmission can see the application of reducer, and in industrial applications, reducer with deceleration and increase torque function. Therefore it is widely used in speed and torque conversion equipment.
1. deceleration reduces the inertia of the load at the same time, and the inertia is reduced to the square of the deceleration ratio. You can look at the general motor has a value of inertia.
2. speed up the output torque at the same time, torque output proportional to motor output by deceleration ratio, but should pay attention to can not exceed the rated torque reducer.
Ultra-fine mill reducer is generally used for low speed and large torque transmission equipment, the motor. An internal combustion engine or other high speed driving force is used to achieve deceleration by meshing gears on the output shaft with fewer teeth on the input shaft of the reducer. Ordinary reducer will also have several pairs of the same principle gear to achieve the ideal deceleration effect, the size of the tooth number ratio, is the ratio.


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