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Feb 15, 2005, 8:42 AM

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EFM 1.0 RC1 for testing....

Hi All,

Checkout the latest demo of EFM 1.0 RC 1 at

New features include,
  • Right context menu
  • Move folders and files using cut and paste
  • Copy, paste for those who can afford space :)
  • Rename files and folders
  • Exact Folder size in list view
  • Recursive delete for folders
  • Multi Language support
  • Many many many bugs have been solved since Beta release.

This package is still under testing. So please take some time to test it and report any bugs you have found. I will try to solve them as soon as possible.

If everything is alright, I shall upload the zip file soon.

Note :
In image mode, I have allowed only jpg, gif, png and bmp extensions. So you cant see other files in image mode. And so you will get alerts that you cannot move or delete folders that contain hidden files when you work on folders with hidden files.

If you want to try cut copy paste without hassles, try link mode instead.
There, you will have access to all types of files and so, you can
delete or move folders.

Request :
I have found many of the visitors to misuse the demo by deleting all files or uploading too many files. This way, you cant expect me to share my work .

Make sure the folder is nice with reasonable files before you leave the demo so that others may not get confused by seeing an empty folder or getting upload size exceed errors.

Lets be professional and keep up good works.

I will be waiting for your feedback... Smile

Have a nice day :)


Extended File Manager EFM 1.0b for HtmlArea 3.0
Its always very nice to hear comments from others.
Be sure to leave your comments whenever you gain something.

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