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Version 3 Plugin Tutorial Please


Aug 2, 2004, 7:51 AM

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Version 3 Plugin Tutorial Please

Hey people

I want to add a new image uploader for a cms site that I am writing. I want it to be like the image chooser that is embedded into version 3, but only allow them to choose an image from a db of images.

I am quite confident with the db stuff, I just need to know how to call the image (I can just change the URL for the current image upload) and how it returns the contents of a form.

I am envisioning the image chooser having a form with the url of the image in a dropdown box, and when it is submitted by the user returning the chosen image back as a scalable image.

Please advise, it'd be nice to get this underway!

giraffedog * hotmail com


Aug 3, 2004, 10:48 PM

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Re: [chewiee] Version 3 Plugin Tutorial Please

tutorial would be nice, but there is some documentation inside source code