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DynamicCSS plugin drop down position.

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Jan 31, 2005, 5:49 AM

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DynamicCSS plugin drop down position.

Hi there,

I've got everything up and running from a roughly default set up with a few tweaks without getting into building the menus myself. Everything seems good, except that with the DynamicCSS plugin loaded it pushes the display out (I only want it to be about 600px wide), because with all the default toolbar buttons plus the CSS drop down loaded it is exceptionally wide.

Is there anyway to make the DynamicCSS drop down appear somewhere else or force a line break before the default (core) toolbar?


Feb 8, 2005, 6:27 PM

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Re: [mr_nil] DynamicCSS plugin drop down position.

Hi there,

to do this you will need to edit the dynamiccss.js file...

the three lines, 31-33

	toolbar[0].splice(1, 0, "separator"); 
toolbar[0].splice(1, 0, "DynamicCSS-class");
toolbar[0].splice(1, 0, "T[CSS]");

need to be changed to:

	toolbar[ROW].splice(CELL, 0, "separator"); 
toolbar[ROW].splice(CELL, 0, "DynamicCSS-class");
toolbar[ROW].splice(CELL, 0, "T[CSS]");

where row is the the different toolbars, and cell is the horizontal position along the toolbar.

Smile the first time I've answered a question rather than asked it