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Problem with ContextMenu Plugin

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Feb 14, 2005, 4:20 PM

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Problem with ContextMenu Plugin

I'm trying to install the RC3 and it rocks but I've got one problem:
When I try to change the language to German the ContextMenu plugin goes mad.
Using Firefox the Menu stays in the upper left corner and using IE it either doesn't appear or it doesn't disapear. Either way annoying.
The Javascript Errormessage is:
Fehler: label has no properties
Quelldatei: /HTMLArea/plugins/ContextMenu/context-menu.js
Zeile: 381
The IE has an error in the same file but in Line 382 and says 'undefined' is either Null or no Object.

Does anybody know how to fix this?


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Feb 18, 2005, 4:35 AM

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Re: [Morph] Problem with ContextMenu Plugin

Found the mistake:
The translation was incomplete
"Insert paragraph before",
"Insert paragraph after",
"Delete Cell",
"Insert a paragraph before the current node",
"Insert a paragraph after the current node"

were missing in the translation.
There should be a script checking the translations, because I'd to work on at least 3 files to get it working.