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[Patch] Fix for running javascript through HTMLTidy

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Jan 10, 2005, 2:43 AM

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[Patch] Fix for running javascript through HTMLTidy Can't Post

I'm doing a little debugging in htmlArea and don't think I found a direct reference to this problem but it seems that trying to run any javascript through HTMLTidy kills it. In the most annoying way, too - it loses your content :)

Anywho, attached is a replacement html-tidy-logic.php file which is basically this patch:

*** 13,16 **** 
--- 13,20 ----
$source = stripslashes($source);

+ // Comment out script so it doesn't blow everything up
+ $source = str_replace("<script","<!--<script",$source);
+ $source = str_replace("</script>","</script>-->",$source);
// Open a tidy process - I hope it's installed!
$descriptorspec = array(
*** 68,72 ****
function setNewHtml() {
var htRef = window.parent._editorRef.plugins['HtmlTidy'];
! htRef.instance.processTidied(tidyString());
function tidyString() {
--- 72,79 ----
function setNewHtml() {
var htRef = window.parent._editorRef.plugins['HtmlTidy'];
! var newSrc = tidyString();
! newSrc = newSrc.replace('<\!--<script','<script');
! newSrc = newSrc.replace('<\/script>-->','<\/script>');
! htRef.instance.processTidied(newSrc);
function tidyString() {

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