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Pop Ups Don't work in Firefox

New User

Feb 17, 2005, 10:48 AM

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Pop Ups Don't work in Firefox

I have a problem with Firefox 1.0 whilst using HTMLArea.

If I click on one of the buttons which opens a pop-up window eg: Insert Image. Then the text fields within the pop-up window are locked to me an I cannot enter any values.

Known Issue? Bug? Or something I've screwed up?



New User

Feb 18, 2005, 3:21 PM

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Re: [sortedsites] Pop Ups Don't work in Firefox

Everything works fine in Firefox for me. I was having a problem where the popup windows were not opening to their proper size. I found the problem to be a setting in Firefox "do not allow javascript windows to resize" was checked on my options config.

Good luck.