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error has occured in this dialog error 538 image editor

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Dec 9, 2004, 11:15 AM

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error has occured in this dialog error 538 image editor Can't Post

Never had this problem but as a customer asked me, i tested it myself and some error seems to be in my
imageditor 1.0 from ** Title.........: Online Image Editor
** Version.......: 1.0
** Author........: Xiang Wei ZHUO <>

I have edited a little for some better perfomance on creating the thumgs and so on but i think this error is caused by WindowsXP SP 2.

What happens: i click the imageditor icon in my htmlarea2.0 (2.3 or something)
Select a picture and press ok.

Many times i got then the error:
error has occured in this dialog error: 538 object is expected.

Not with all images, that makes it even stranger.
Maybe there are just to many images in one dir, and there comes a problem with the thumbs....
What works is that the path to the image gets filled nicely..... and the imagename to....

Somebody an idea?



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