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I want to edit AND save to the server

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May 19, 2004, 12:56 PM

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I want to edit AND save to the server Can't Post

I cannot get any version I have tried of htmlarea to save directly back to the server.

I had this idea: copy "lives" files to temp dir, edit those files, copy to live when done.

And this should be so easy! I can use globals, my web server has php - everything is OK!

In version 2, it seemed to be adding \ before " etc.

So, I tried version 3 - even though I had no tables at all, I got the "offset" error.

Then I started finding all the enhanced versions. So, in total I have spent perhaps 14 hours trying different versions, and I simply don't see how to save it back directly to the server - it keeps wanting to save on my own machine, and that defeats the entire object!

My php knowledge is limited and my head aches! So, has anyone actually made this simple script to save the page directly back to the server?? The best I can see so far is a version where you download the page, then re-upload via an ftp plugin - but this seems a long way round!

Many thanks.


May 19, 2004, 2:42 PM

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Re: [digitaltoast] I want to edit AND save to the server [In reply to] Can't Post

First of all: never use globals. Instead: use superglobals. When using superglobals you always know where your variables came from (GET, POST,COOKIE,FILES or SESSION) and more important: superglobals are saver.

In fact, you're problem has nothing to do with htmlArea especially.

What you should do is something like the following.

Make a form with a textarea in it, which of course should be replaced bij HTMArea. After entering or editing the content of the form submit it and write a PHP-script which wil put the contents in your database.

For showing this contents on your site you should write a PHP-script, which will get the required content out of your database and show it in the browser.

I guess this is the main approach. I advise you to make a brief study of PHP. Really it's quit simple.

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