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Luis - insert image add-on

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Sep 13, 2004, 4:41 AM

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Luis - insert image add-on Can't Post

First of all, htmlarea simply is the best! And I was looking through quite a lot of rich text editor tools recently for a project...

Currently I'm struggling with the integration of Luis' insert image add-on, maybe someone else has observed issues with nested tags, too (I added the description below)?

I found that it seems safest to unlink before you insert a new link (I don't know why it makes a difference because the popup uses unlink as well, but it seems to do), but since this means manipulating the content before the user clicks ok - i.e. he may still decide to cancel-, I added a confirm dialog before unlinking.

Not particularly elegant solution, I know. Though, with one improvement it would be okay for my users:

I'd like the dialog only to appear if either the selection contains opening and/or closing a tags, or the selection is within an a tag itself. For the latter, I played with the getHyperLink function from the popup, but wasn't able to work the way I wanted.

Thanks for a great tool anyway,


Enter "This is a test"
Create a link on "is a", then one on "a test"
Result: This is <A HREF="http:///"><A HREF="http:///">a</A> test</A>
Unfortunately, when using unlink, it looks okay in wysiwyg mode, but results in mismatching tags (the last </a> remains).

Start over with "This is a test"
Create a link on the complete string, then one on e.g. "is"
Result: the content that was not selected is duplicated:
This <A HREF="http:///">This is a test</A> a test

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Sep 15, 2004, 3:47 AM

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Re: [maren] Luis - insert image add-on [In reply to] Can't Post

I finally managed to make the the dialog only appear if there is something to unlink (by checking for opening or closing a tags, and checking each parent element as in Luis' getHyperLink function) so as far as I'm concerned the problem is resolved.


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