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Apr 12, 2003, 8:32 PM

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Re: [AlRashid] "Image Manager"-like file manager

Hi AlRashid,

Your screenshot looks very nice! Did you base it on the image manager or the file manager or did you make it yourself? Actually, at first I misread your question and thought you wanted to pass variables from the files.php to the insert_file.php form elements (which is very basic). As you want it the other way round, things are probably a bit more complicated.

Much depends on what you want to construe. If a user changes the "view", do you want it to load a "different" page (e.g. files.php?view=thumbnails)? Or something else? In the first case, you could address the issue by calling a javascript whenever the selected view changes. For example, on change:


Passing on values to other elements in the iframe can be done by addressing the correct element id (e.g. imgManager.form[0].bla).

As you probably want to ensure that the user stays on the same page, only changing the view, you might have to make a two-stage rocket: first, trigger a "changeView" javascript, which triggers a javascript "giveLocation" in the files.php, which returns the current location/dirParam of the iframe as an attribute to a javscript "changeIframe" in insert_file.php (which on turn changes the location of the iframe).

Perhaps it is also possible to just get the current location of the iframe (e.g. imgManager.location();) and build from there...

Preserving the view value while browsing should be possible if you parse and store the $_GET["view"] variable and concatenate that to each link.

Good luck and if I can help, let me know :)


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