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disabling functionality in Luis Editor

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Mar 25, 2004, 7:58 AM

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disabling functionality in Luis Editor Can't Post

Hi everyone - this is my first post. Im think the htmlarea is really fantastic, and the Luis version is incredible.

I have read some of the post in the forum, and can see that a working Form builder is not included in the download from Luis site, however when i click on Form i get up a grey box - with all avaliable form items - off course nothing works, as i read the functionaliy is copyright protected.

If its OK - and youre reading this post Luis, i would like to ask you a question -

How do you then disable the e.g Insert Form - on mouse Rigth Click !!

Im building a small website for my friend - which is a non programmer, and he therefor do not know any html programming, im planning to provide him with an html editor - is it OK to use your version - ??


Mar 25, 2004, 10:25 AM

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Re: [hirtshals] disabling functionality in Luis Editor [In reply to] Can't Post

Hi hirtshals:

I think there is a confussion here. Everything in my .zip file works and is open (copyright free). The zip file includes a different version of the forms manager I have in my demo site, which is the version that is copyrighted. The only limitation in the zipped Forms Manager is that it doesn't have editing optons. (you can only insert form elements but you cannot edit them).

In order the Forms Manager version in the zip files work, it must be in a real server. It uses SSI (server side includes) and therefore it can't work locally. Usually most servers allow to include files only in .shtml files. Currently the form manager file using includes is mpc.html.

If you have your editor in a real server (local or remote), try:

changing the extension to mpc.shtml.

If it doesn't work, ask your hosting provider which extensions you can use.

If you still want to disable it from the right click menu, search for function WriteMenuItems(objname) in editor.js.

First, comment out the block that starts with //Form_CMenu and then, search for all instances of insertform in the var array of the remaining blocks of this function and take them out of the array. For example, in the following block, you should erase the part in red.

var InsertOptions_CMenu= new Array(openfile,openword,paste,separator,image,upload,inserttable

I hope this helps.

Don't give up!!

(This post was edited by Luis on Mar 25, 2004, 10:26 AM)


Mar 25, 2004, 3:28 PM

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Re: [Luis] disabling functionality in Luis Editor [In reply to] Can't Post

Hello Luis, I've been following the forum here and I must tell you that you have developed one heck of a program with htmlArea. My hats off to you.

Also, I use htmlArea ver 2.03 on my local portal site and would like to know how difficult it would be to upgrade to your version? I downloaded your version last night - I didn't do the page someone else did but now I can't get a hold of him.

Any info or feedback would be much appreciated.

Juan Colome


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