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html area experts ---- please help -- css styles

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Jul 30, 2004, 12:58 AM

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html area experts ---- please help -- css styles Can't Post

I have edited html area code to allow stylesheets. (This is based on html area 2-- and actually Luis version.)

Please help me debug the following code --- I really need to get stylesheets working properly. (If you know a better way that really works -- I would also be interested in using it). I am desperate to get this working and will even pay if someone can help me out.

What the below code does is wraps <font class=xxx> before the text.
The problem is the code below is not closing the font tag after the text so I end up having html like the following

<FONT class="articledate"> xxxxx
<BR><FONT class="ecstyle"> xxxx
class="pagetitle"> dfdfdfdfd</FONT></FONT></FONT>

I need it to close the font before it opens the new font.
Any ideas? Please help.

Here is the relavant code:

else if (cmdID == 'FontStyle' && val) {
var rng = editdoc.selection.createRange();
if (rng.text.length > 0)
{editor_insertHTML(objname, '<FONT class="' + val + '">' + rng.text + '</FONT>');}
{editor_insertHTML(objname, '<FONT class="' + val + '"> </FONT>');}

button_obj.selectedIndex =0;
var rng = editdoc.selection.createRange();
fontArray = getFont(rng.parentElement());
fontArray.outerHTML = fontArray.innerHTML;

You can see the page at

I need it to work properly. Just like when you select a font the font changes when your start typing -- the same should happen with styles.


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