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&nbsp not be saving

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Jan 20, 2004, 9:55 AM

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&nbsp not be saving Can't Post

  1. Hi all,
  2. I implemented de cleanup HTML routine in my textarea. I'm using version 2.03. Everything works fine. The "Paste" icon e "CTRL-V" pastes the Word text in textarea cleaning up all Word garbage. But I couldn't make the "Paste" option from browser "Edit" menu works. When I click it, the Word text is pasted without be cleaned. How can I capture that event of click in this option ?
  3. Another error I've been trying to solve is when I edit a text in Textarea adding blank spaces at the beginning of text. When I send it to update routine, the "nbsp" don't appears. They are cutted off. How can I do that ? The users likes to insert blank spaces in the text, and when they saves the modifications, they don't saves it to the DB.

Can anybody help me, please ?




Jan 20, 2004, 4:49 PM

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Re: [joseka7] &nbsp not be saving [In reply to] Can't Post

Hi Joseka 7:

The   thing is not another error. The cleaner does what you tell it to do.

To avoid the  's of being cleared, comment out this line in editor.js.

unclean = unclean.replace(/ /gi, " ");

Regarding your other question about applying the cleaner when using the Edit/Paste button, it can't be done, at least it can't be done in the way as it's implemented.

The reason is that the Edit/Paste button can only be manipulated through the onpaste event, and onpaste event fires up before it occurs, meaning - it will try to execute the cleanup function before the content is pasted and of course, it has nothing to clean.

I have tried to put at least an alert to tell the user they should use the paste icon instead, but the problem is that the alert also fires up using the icon and CTRL-V, so it's not a solution.

Don't give up!!


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