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How to change content of htmlArea dynamically ?

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Feb 15, 2005, 1:00 AM

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How to change content of htmlArea dynamically ?

Hi all!

I'm using htmlArea in a server side application (JSP). The content is generated at runtime.

<textarea name="LESSON_CONTENT_HTML" style="width:800; height:400">

<%= dynamicText %>


Now what I really need is to reload the content of the Textarea without refreshing the page.

(Something like textArea.setText in a javascript).

Is it possible to do it ?

Thanks a lot


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Feb 16, 2005, 6:18 AM

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Re: [fmarchioni] How to change content of htmlArea dynamically ?

Hi again. As I have got no answers Frown, maybe I explained my need poorly.

What I only need is to change the content of the textarea with another html.

Something like this:

function change() {

form1.LESSON_CONTENT_HTML.value("<h1>New html</h1>");


Where LESSON_CONTENT_HTML is the name of the textarea.

I have tried also with LESSON_CONTENT_HTML.text but the textarea doesn't refresh

with this new content.

Can anybody help me ?