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two MAJOR problems with HTMLArea

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Feb 15, 2005, 10:32 PM

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two MAJOR problems with HTMLArea Can't Post

Hi -

I setup a web page for a client using this program. He has press releases in word that he likes to cut and paste into the program.

For unity, all the fonts on the page in the area he is pasting to need to be Ariel and 10 point. But certain parts of the text that he pastes will not change when he selects them all and changes the font.

Looking at the source HTML, the are usually surrounded by (using [ in place of the normal html bracket), [span style="FONT-SIZE: 14pt; FONT-FAMILY: Garamond"].

It seems that the editor will not over-ride this.

I will give an example of this below. I can select all of the font on this page and try to change the font, but it will not work.

The second problem is that HTML area doesn't show up at all - no error message, no java problem, nothing - unless you hit F5 and refresh the page. This is a consistent and reproducible error.

The text is below that the editor refuses to change.

Funny Font Here: Campaign Headquargeters.

FACT: Filler is filler filler filler.


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