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htmlArea + Flash TextArea (from db) + Emoticons?

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Feb 16, 2005, 8:58 PM

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htmlArea + Flash TextArea (from db) + Emoticons?

Hi everyone,

I've been configuring htmlArea for the last few days but I am stuck on getting Emoticons to work in a Flash TextArea.

Here's the current setup:

- htmlArea works under a Java (JSP) environment like a charm which stores the htmlArea input into a MySQL db that is later retrieved by Flash into a TextArea..

- I am using a modified version of editor.js that Luis edited so that it would have the proper html tags recognized by Flash and the needed quotation marks found in this post here: http://www.htmlarea.com/forum/htmlArea_2_C3/gforum.cgi?post=32736;search_string=flash;guest=10816840&t=search_engine#32736

- I'm stuck at trying to also add the Emoticons pop-up option along with the already modified editor.js to all work brilliantly with Flash.

I've read and tried to integrates remac's post (http://www.htmlarea.com/forum/htmlArea_2_C3/htmlArea_v2.0_-_Add-Ons_F19/emoticon_popup_P37839/) with no success.

What I have also noted is that Flash TextArea will only accept non-progressive JPG's and not .GIF's which is the picture type of almost all smilies. So, whatever the solution, it would need to reference a JPG as oppose to a GIF..

So, what I am looking for is a helping hand or a push in the right direction to get everything properly integrated. I've also attached the modified editor.js that I am using which is identical to the posting by Luis.

I truly hope someone on here can help me get one step further. Sly



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