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Array prototyping bug and suggested fix.

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Dec 17, 2004, 1:57 AM

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Array prototyping bug and suggested fix. Can't Post

There is a bug with HTMLArea v.3.0 rc1
If the array object has been extended by use of prototyping,
for example: Array.prototype.indexOf = function(idx){bla bla.....}
then we will get very strange errors when the toolbars load

this is because the function that creates the toolbar buttons uses
the statement

for (var j in group), (group is an array)

however prototyped functions appear as array variables.
Therefore, the toolbutton loaders try to load a button named "indexOf"!

This bug affects both the version for Mozilla and IE. It also affects all the plugins that load
toolbuttons, so the plugin code also needs to be fixed

Suggested Fix:

We must check the typeof the variable before creating a toolbar button
Locate the codeblock below in the createButton(txt) function in HTMLArea.js
and add the lines marked in bold. Wink


if (typeof group != "function"){
for (var j in group) {
var code = group[j];
if (typeof code == "string") {
if (/^([IT])\[(.*?)\]/.test(code)) {
// special case, create text label
var l7ed = RegExp.$1 == "I"; // localized?
var label = RegExp.$2;
if (l7ed) {
label = HTMLArea.I18N.custom[label];
var tb_cell = document.createElement("td");
tb_cell.className = "label";
tb_cell.innerHTML = label;
} else {

Anastasios Yalanopoulos


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