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Firefox 1.0 doesnt allow cut/copy/paste actions!

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Dec 17, 2004, 6:49 PM

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Firefox 1.0 doesnt allow cut/copy/paste actions! Can't Post

I just installed htmlArea 3 on my server and apon testing it with Firefox, I got an error when I click the cut, copy or paste actions in the WYSIWYG.

Basically, the JavaScript error I got was telling me that Firefox has disabled those actions to protect users information. It wants me to copy 4 lines of code from its website and enter them into my user.js file in the Firefox directory. See:

Is there a work-around for this? I definatly dont want my firefox users to have to hack firefox on thier machines!

Im running htmlArea 3.0 on FreeBSD. Error occured using Firefox 1.0 on Win XP Pro.

Many Thanks,

New User

Dec 21, 2004, 6:16 AM

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Re: [bmorrow] Firefox 1.0 doesnt allow cut/copy/paste actions! [In reply to] Can't Post

You need to add your site address to allow access !

user_pref("capability.policy.policynames", "allowclipboard"); 
user_pref("capability.policy.allowclipboard.sites", "http://your_site/");
user_pref("capability.policy.allowclipboard.sites", "");
user_pref("capability.policy.allowclipboard.Clipboard.cutcopy", "allAccess");
user_pref("capability.policy.allowclipboard.Clipboard.paste", "allAccess");

Gnarf !

PS : sorry for my pour english

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Dec 21, 2004, 9:46 AM

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Re: [UNi[FR]] Firefox 1.0 doesnt allow cut/copy/paste actions! [In reply to] Can't Post

Yes I know, but I have to add that to MY version of Firefox running on MY machine to be able to use it. I do not want every firefox user who visits my site to have to hack thier local version.

Is there some way I could tell firefox from my site to allow my site? it would kinda seem pointless to have this security feature if i could, but still.


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