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if a form sent to the same page, the htmlarea value cannot be reset

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Jan 12, 2005, 12:57 PM

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if a form sent to the same page, the htmlarea value cannot be reset Can't Post

Forget about my post below. I was wrong. My issue is with this.form.submit() cannot send the htmlarea values. I already solve it by using;



In other words, htmlarea 3 not saving the modified values. see the example

<form >

<textarea id="mytest_area" name="mytest_area" cols="75" rows="16"><?php echo($myteset_area); ?></textarea>

<input name="submit" type="submit" value="submit">

<input type="submit" name="refresh" value="refresh">


when click on the submit, or refresh button, the form will be sumitted. and the action page of the submitting form is this page itself.

I will use php codes to detect which button is clicked, if the button "submit" is clicked, i will do some database works and then redirect to other another page.

when click on the refresh page, i want it stay in this page, but the preset up value for the mytest_area will be reset to the new value i just typed in. this approach works if the area is not a htmlArea 3 field. but if i set mytest_area to htmlArea 3, then the new value get lost, it still shows me empty field.

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