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<P> vs <BR> - the markup battle of the century

The htmlArea 2 & 3 editors have been discontinued.

We've made these forums available as a read-only reference and knowledge-base for people using or developing editors based on htmlArea 2 or 3.

Anyone who is interested in taking over version 2 or 3 is free to do so. All we ask is that you choose a new name that doesn't have "htmlarea" in it to avoid confusion with this site. We'll even give you a link in the directory to make it easier for people to find you. If you are developing or hosting an htmlArea based-editor under a new name, please submit it to our directory.



Jan 18, 2005, 10:57 PM

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<P> vs <BR> - the markup battle of the century Can't Post

This is coppied from the normal htmlArea v3 forum, but should have probably come here first, since it's a plugin. It's just that all the discussion of getting Gecko browsers to use <P>s instead of <BR>s happens over there...

I wrote the original EnterParagraphs plugin and have basically re-written it. It's bigger, bolder, and better than any other solution out there as far for not blowing up markup, while getting pretty Ps, is concerned.

Don't know what I'm talking about? Basically, Mozilla related browsers have always just stuck in a line break instead of fiddling paragrah (P) tags, when you hit enter. Trying to get a nice solution has caused worlds of pain for many innocent web programmers.

Do know what I'm talking about? There's more information and another link to the package, at the example page below. It's a plugin, so just install, load and register.

All feedback will be warmly welcomed.
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New User

Jan 23, 2005, 4:34 AM

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Re: [Hipikat] <P> vs <BR> - the markup battle of the century [In reply to] Can't Post

Sorry for such a newby question, but I've downloaded the file, but don't know what to do with it. Is there a tutorial on how to inplant this feature ???

It really lloks like the thing I've been waiting for, for a long time....


Jan 24, 2005, 5:51 PM

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Re: [Lead] <P> vs <BR> - the markup battle of the century [In reply to] Can't Post

Wherever you've got htmlArea installed, there should be a directory under it called 'plugins', and below that, if your htmlArea is at all recent, there should be a directory called 'EnterParagraphs', already.

The package on my first post contains a directory also called 'EnterParagraphs', which you want to replace the one in the plugins directory with. Probably best to back up the old one first, just in case... :)

In case the EnterParagraphs directory out of the package is a problem, I've attached the same thing in a zip file here.

Come to think of it... If that's a problem, it should be sufficient to just replace the enter-paragraphs.js file in [htmlarea]/plugins/EnterParagraphs with the enter-paragraphs.js file I've also attached here...
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  enter-paragraphs.js (11.2 KB)


Jan 30, 2005, 7:39 AM

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Re: [Hipikat] <P> vs <BR> - the markup battle of the century [In reply to] Can't Post

I have used with success your previous version from CVS. This new version gives me JS errors (editor is not defined). After correcting, the plugin does not seem to behave correctly in tables.
Stanislas Rolland
Saint-Lambert, Qu´┐Żbec


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