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multiple areas - again

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Feb 10, 2005, 6:06 AM

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multiple areas - again Can't Post

Hi all,
I try to replace some, not all textarea on one page. When I use the initEditor function several times with a new editor everything works fine. Her the example:

var editor = null;
unction initEditor(ta)
editor = new HTMLArea(ta);
editor.config.toolbar = ......;
setTimeout(function() { editor.generate(); }, 500);
return false;

onload call: initEditor('ta1');

Like this I have to create a new function (editor1, editor2, ...) for every textarea box.
Tp simplify all I tried something like:

var editor = new Array();

function initEditor()
for (var i=0; i<initEditor.arguments.length; i++)
var theName = initEditor.arguments;
editor[theName] = new HTMLArea(theName);
editor.config.toolbar = ......;
setTimeout(function() { editor[theName].generate(); }, 500);
return false;

and the onload call: initEditor('ta1','ta2','ta3');

That seems to work more or less, the only strange thing is that all the editors are loaded over one textareabox- > see the attachment. Same behaviour in Firefox and IE 6.
Anyone can help me with my weak javascript knowledge? Thanks in advance.


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