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How to get current seleted image data into plugin

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Oct 6, 2004, 2:26 PM

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How to get current seleted image data into plugin Can't Post

Hello, I've been working on creating a plugin that does two things. First it overwrites the base insert image function with a custom PHP version that just lets you select an image you want to insert. It also creates a second button that is for the image properties. Where I'm having problems is in getting the currently selected image data to be passed to the plugin function. Here is the function I have now:


ImageGallery.prototype.buttonPress = function(editor, id) {
switch (id) {
case "IG-image-property":
ImageGallery.editor = editor;
ImageGallery.init = true;
var uiurl = _plugin_url + "plugins/ImageGallery/image_property.html";
var outparam = null;

//var image = editor._iframe.contentWindow.getSelection();
//var image = editor.getSelectedHTML()

if (typeof image == "undefined") {
image = editor.getParentElement();
if (image && !/^img$/i.test(image.tagName))
image = null;

if (image) outparam = {
f_url : HTMLArea.is_ie ? editor.stripBaseURL(image.src) : image.getAttribute("src"),
f_alt : image.alt,
f_border : image.border,
f_align : image.align,
f_vert : image.vspace,
f_horiz : image.hspace,
f_width : image.width,
f_height : image.height

Dialog(uiurl, function(param) {
if (!param) { // user must have pressed Cancel
return false;
var img = image;
if (!img) {
var sel = ImageGallery.editor._getSelection();
var range = ImageGallery.editor._createRange(sel);
ImageGallery.editor._doc.execCommand("insertimage", false, param.f_url);
if (HTMLArea.is_ie) {
img = range.parentElement();
// wonder if this works...
if (img.tagName.toLowerCase() != "img") {
img = img.previousSibling;
} else {
img = range.startContainer.previousSibling;
} else {
img.src = param.f_url;

for (field in param) {
var value = param[field];
switch (field) {
case "f_alt" : img.alt = value; break;
case "f_border" : img.border = parseInt(value || "0"); break;
case "f_align" : img.align = value; break;
case "f_vert" : img.vspace = parseInt(value || "0"); break;
case "f_horiz" : img.hspace = parseInt(value || "0"); break;
case "f_width" : img.width = parseInt(value || "0"); break;
case "f_height" : img.height = parseInt(value || "0"); break;

}, outparam);


Oct 6, 2004, 5:47 PM

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Re: [gcw07] How to get current seleted image data into plugin [In reply to] Can't Post

Um... doesn't the current Image popup do both those things?

If not, there's always - the Image Manager.

New User

Oct 7, 2004, 12:50 PM

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Re: [kimastergeorge] How to get current seleted image data into plugin [In reply to] Can't Post

Sorry I wasn't specific enough. I'm overwriting the current insert image function with an image gallery that is built directly into the script. Which means all you do is select an image name instead of typing in a full url like the default one. While the Image Manager is fine it doesn't quite do what I want. It is overwriting the base insert image just like I am but it isn't splitting off the properties. I'm doing this because I don't want users to have to wait on loading up the gallery again just to edit the properties, which is why I'm trying to figure out how to get the currently selected item passed back into that function. Thanks.


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