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Img with firefox...

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Feb 17, 2005, 4:23 AM

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Img with firefox...

Hi !

First : What a wonderfull WYSIWYG you've done !!! THANKS
Second : When I try to insert an image in my textarea, this image does not appear... a sqare does ?!?
Third : When I try to have property information about this image (right clic on this) a window appears on the left up corner but I cannot use any possibilities this window offers (firefox opens its own window too, but where the cursor is located...)

I am working with win32 firefox 1.0 FRENCH and htmlArea 3.0-rc3 with the forum posted French language.

Does everything I mentionned work with IE ? (I cannot test Frown loopback address blocked by my preconfigured IE...)

THX Wink