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Getting the data entered by user,just the TEXT,not HTML

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Feb 17, 2005, 6:33 PM

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Getting the data entered by user,just the TEXT,not HTML

Hello All,

Great product. came across yesterday and almost with no offort, I was able to use it on my pages. Wonderful.I am stuck in one of the pages.

Requirement is to show htmlarea for a 'Display Name' field so that user can enter data in that , do all the formatting as needed. But here is also a hidden field called 'hidden_dispName', value for 'hidden_dispName' should be what user entered in 'Display Name' htmlarea excluding all the formattting other than leaving the line breaks/spaces?

So if user enter

veryimportant data (which is bold and italic, htmlarea would include it in htmltags)

I need to remove the htmltags before I set the value to 'hidden_dispName'. before submitting, length validation would be perfomed on 'hidden_dispName' and saved. In database,I need to preserve the contents from htmlarea as well as from 'hidden_dispName'.

Please help. Any advise would be highlu appreciated.

Thank You