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The htmlArea 2 & 3 editors have been discontinued.

We've made these forums available as a read-only reference and knowledge-base for people using or developing editors based on htmlArea 2 or 3.

Anyone who is interested in taking over version 2 or 3 is free to do so. All we ask is that you choose a new name that doesn't have "htmlarea" in it to avoid confusion with this site. We'll even give you a link in the directory to make it easier for people to find you. If you are developing or hosting an htmlArea based-editor under a new name, please submit it to our directory.


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Dec 29, 2004, 6:58 PM

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Because there are still major bugs that needs to be fixed, PLEASE do not create new addons or do not expand the possibilities of the htmlarea v3.
But instead try to fix those major bugs, i guess this has the highest priority for obvious reasons :
  • because too many users still have win98 : win98 crashes when you use tables
  • apparantly there's a compatibler problem with firefox/mozilla, someone mensioned this problem (i tried it with mozilla and have no problems but firefox ? I don't know)
  • Sometimes I noticed an error like the object is empty (this problem is also mensioned somewhere, [not by me])
  • the undo and redo actions.

Unfortunately I'm not a programmer in javascript. So I really can't help you there.

An idea is that so many people is willing to pay 5 $ for the program with different possibilities (table, no table, full option etc)and links for downloading all working compatible addons. I'm even ready to pay 10 $ when those major bugs are fixed and many people too, I'm sure.
This would be a motivation for fixing those major bugs at late houres and many sleepless nights. How many people would pay this when also publicity would been made in other languages ? I even help you there and that is in dutch and french. So many potential french byers that don't know enough english. Just try to imaging the cash that's gooing to the pockets. Thousend of those $-signs.

Because I'm dutch-speaking I would make the translation in dutch and french (this is already done by someone else, it's already posted somewhere lately), a way to say thanks for having a cheap working full compatible texteditor.
But like I said, too many major bugs are still alive and kicking.
So please Mishoo, can you first fixed those bugs and think then think about selling it at a very low price. You'll beat the other websites who sells also a texteditor but at a much higher price.


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