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Small TableOperations patch

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Jan 12, 2005, 11:00 PM

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Small TableOperations patch Can't Post

It's always annoyed me that one can create a table in htmlArea, and because it doesn't have any explicit properties, it defaults to a normally border'd table... But upon going to Table Properties, not changing anything, and hitting 'Ok', everything that was specified in that dialog is assumed, including the lack of borders.

The attached patch, at least for IE, defaults table border properties to what the default border properties are, if they're missing when the Table Properties dialog is opened.

Gecko, however, seems to be another story. I don't know how to fix that and don't really have time to try any more at the moment, but if anyone else can do it I'd be infinitely appreciative =)

*** 158,163 ****
var f_spacing = table.cellSpacing;
! var f_padding = table.cellPadding;
var f_borders = table.border;
! var f_frames = table.frame;
! var f_rules = table.rules;

--- 158,163 ----
var f_spacing = table.cellSpacing;
! var f_padding = table.cellPadding ? table.cellPadding : '1';
var f_borders = table.border;
! var f_frames = table.frame ? table.frame : 'box';
! var f_rules = table.rules ? table.rules : 'all';

*** 1072,1073 ****
--- 1072,1074 ----
(currentBorderStyle.match(/([^\s]*)\s/)) && (currentBorderStyle = RegExp.$1);
+ if (!currentBorderStyle) currentBorderStyle = "outset";
for (var i in options) {
*** 1098,1099 ****
--- 1099,1101 ----
input.value = TableOperations.getLength(;
+ if ( !input.value ) input.value = '1';
input.size = "5";

Attachments: tableop-borderfix.diff (0.99 KB)
  table-operations.js (35.0 KB)


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