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bbCode support

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May 5, 2003, 9:08 AM

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bbCode support Can't Post

Hello all Smile

I am currently trying to find an online editor for the user input of the site I am building.

I think htmlArea is great and may be the one I am looking for but I have some requirements and I am not sure that HTMLArea is already fitting them.

I would like to have htmlrea generate bbCode instead of HTML code but I also want it to keep on previewing the input.

Is this feature already implemented ? (I guess no or I am blind Wink)
Is this feature planned ?
Is this feature implementable by customizing htmlArea ?
Am I asking too much ? Tongue

Thanks for your help.

BTW I am not asking for help and not willing to help back. So if this feature is not implemented but can be, I am volunteer to implement it and share it. Smile




May 7, 2003, 4:25 AM

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Re: [6 ANUR] bbCode support [In reply to] Can't Post

Support for HTML is provided by the browser itself, while support for BBCode would need written by hand.

However, I think it would be possile.. Just needs another version of the "getHTML" function, say "getBBCode" -- this would traverse the DOM and translate it to BBCode.
Mihai Bazon,
Applied Web Standards


May 7, 2003, 4:35 AM

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Re: [mishoo] bbCode support [In reply to] Can't Post

Thanks for your answer Mishoo Smile

I think this would be a great feature since nowadays most of the sites do not allow HTML inside user input for security reasons. That's why bbCode or other custom tag system are so popular.

I think that having both a real time preview and a generated code with bbCode instead of HTML would be a killer feature for htmlArea.

In fact I am surprised to see that I seem to be the only one to think so. Unimpressed



New User

Mar 24, 2004, 6:07 AM

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How about only the code, with no preview? [In reply to] Can't Post

This may be a stupid question, since I'm not sure it's actually done by now, but how about adding some like thebbCode, but *not* showing it with the preview, and merely editing it (adding, etc).

This is, buttons that add things like [-b-]bold text[-/b-], which obviously will *not* be shown in the browser, but that may helkp some CMS's that use such a code (I did post a question on that, my own CMS uses my own tags, bbcode-like, and hence I'd love to have customized buttons to add some text before and after a selection (which is just now being done, but adding HTML) !


New User

Mar 28, 2004, 3:06 PM

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Re: [cinenganos] How about only the code, with no preview? [In reply to] Can't Post


I agree that this feature will be killer for htmlarea.
Can you make bbcodearea?

New User

Mar 29, 2004, 12:10 PM

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Re: [6 ANUR] bbCode support [In reply to] Can't Post

A remarkable coincidence as I just wrote a note onto my to-do list to try and find (a) if this had been done and (b) if not, if I could find somebody to do it. I'm developing a non-profit website for kids to collaborate on writing about their science and technology project work and embedded HTMLArea into a wiki (into wakkawiki actually). It works well enough, but I've got huge concerns with security around somebody embedding some evil html code that will cause problems and spread viruses etc. I thought that something that would enter the wiki code on the one hand (so ** instead of <bold>) that was interpreted on the other hand as bold in the display (both while editing and in static display) would solve the problem.

I know little about programming, but thought that adding code to htmlarea so that <bold> translated to ** would work for the static display (using the regular wiki interpreter) but have no clue how to interpret it to wysiwyg WHILE editing (since I think the current work is done by IE). I think, as somebody identified here, that a whole interpreter would have to be programmed.

Anyhow, a long story to say that I think such a tool would be quite useful (and, if it used a text translation table as in [[bold=**, italics=// etc]] then it would be readily adaptable across different tools.

And so there's no implicit critique.....I think HTMLArea is a **great** tool and quite useful in lots of settings. It's just in my setting (with teens) it might present as many problems as it solves.

mike bowen

lakehead university


Mar 29, 2004, 1:03 PM

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Re: [gmbowen] bbCode support [In reply to] Can't Post

Im just wondering - and then talking to the people used to the javascripting in HTMLArea. Would such a tool, bbConverter be easiest to create :

a: directly into the DOM, or whatever mishoo was talking about.
b: doing this serverside after the page has been submittet på serverside scripting.

Not knowing the DOM makes me think the server side would be just as best (smart assumption.. ummm). One could use the HTMLTidy to tidy the html and then parse it to all the bbCodes, removing tags that was illegal. Surely er would need to customize the HTMLAre to only support typical bbCode functions.

Another thing, having finally converted the document to bbCode - you would also need some sort of bbParser to make the code come back to life in the real page. Some quick googling found some classes on phpClasses, but maby there is an official bbCode parser?

On the other hand, is bbCode superior to ubbCode? Choosing a safe language I would think we should also select the language with the most "official" functions, no problem expanding ofcourse.

I see that this function could be interesting in a public system where "nobody" can leave some content, but I cant really see any use for this in a CMS environment. On the other hand, you are probably referring to such a public environment.

Kim Steinhaug
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