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htmlarea not saving modified value

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Dec 22, 2004, 12:20 PM

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htmlarea not saving modified value Can't Post

I have a simple html form that posts to an asp processing page. There are two textarea's on the page but only one of them is an htmlarea (name and id are "code"). When submitting the form the value from "code" is not submitted, but all other form values are.

Below is the relevant code for the form (sorry I couldn't make it look any prettier, but I couldn't figure out how and there isn't much anyway):


<script language="javascript"> var config = new HTMLArea.Config(); config.height = "300px"; config.toolbar = [.]; HTMLArea.replace("code", config"); </script>... <td ...> <textarea id="code" name="code"></textarea> </td>...

on the processing page I directly insert the value into my sql statement. I have tried using a Response.Write statement to make sure the value was being passed and all I got was an empty string. Furthermore, I had some javascript alert the value of the textarea prior to submitting and didn't get any value in that case either.

Am I missing something here...?

Thanks! (any and all help is appreciated)


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