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operation aborted error

The htmlArea 2 & 3 editors have been discontinued.

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Mar 4, 2004, 6:06 AM

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operation aborted error Can't Post

hi, i've only got this after upgrading to the latest version.

editor works fine in fireworks and dies with operation aborted in IE

very strange indeed.

i found a solution that works for me - my IE didn't like this piece of code (the commented out lines) in htmlarea.js :

// load some scripts
(function() {
var scripts = HTMLArea._scripts = [ _editor_url + "htmlarea.js",
_editor_url + "dialog.js",
_editor_url + "popupwin.js",
_editor_url + "lang/" + _editor_lang + ".js" ];
// var head = document.getElementsByTagName("head")[0];
// start from 1, htmlarea.js is already loaded
// for (var i = 1; i < scripts.length; ++i) {
// var script = document.createElement("script");
// script.src = scripts;
// head.appendChild(script);
// }

so i commented the dynamic loading out and amdoing it by directly including the scripts via script tag.

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Jan 7, 2005, 1:19 PM

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Re: [iassen4o] operation aborted error [In reply to] Can't Post

I can confirm that this problem exists under certain conditions with IE 6.0.2800.1106 on Win2000 5.00.2195-SP4 and HTMLArea-3.0-rc1 downloaded earlier this week.

I wish I could say what those "certain conditions" are... the examples work ok for me under this configuration, but when I use HTMLArea in my application I experience the error. The application already used a considerable amount of javascript on the client side (not including HTMLArea).

Thanks very much iassen4o for the workaround! Later on, I may have time to do a step by step build-up from the working-case to the broken-case and track down more specifically the problem, but for now I will use the workaround.


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