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Users must click "Back" twice when using WYSIWYG

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Feb 9, 2005, 6:48 AM

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Users must click "Back" twice when using WYSIWYG


After attempting to modify the initIframe() function in the "HTMLArea.prototype.generate" prototype, I've noticed that when the content is written to the iFrame, it essesntially creates a browser history item.

The problem this creates is that if a user that wants to go to the previous page (by hitting "Back" in their browser) they must click "Back" twice. The first click unloads the WYSIWYG data; the second returns to the previous URL.

Does anyone have any ideas for a workaround?

Here's the code:

if (!editor.config.fullPage) {  
var html = "<html>\n";
html += "<head>\n";
if (editor.config.baseURL)
html += '<base href="' + editor.config.baseURL + '" />';
html += "<style>" + editor.config.pageStyle +
" html,body { border: 0px; }</style>\n";
html += "</head>\n";
html += "<body>\n";
html += editor._textArea.value;
html += "</body>\n";
html += "</html>";
} else {

Thanks is advance!