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problem inserting HTML


Feb 8, 2005, 2:25 PM

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problem inserting HTML

hello, I'm using HTMLarea 3, and I've found a bug that is very important for me to be fixed: I've made a tool that inserts little images linked automatically to the image at the original size. It's more difficult to do this using the standard functions (insertLink, inserImage, ecc), but it is very simple if I use insertHTML. So, I create an extern button that does something like this:

 editor.insertHtml('<a href=".."><img src=".." class=".." /></a>');

It works, but NOT in IE 6 (I think also 5+) into a div that float like this: <div style="display: block; float: right;"> some text</div> In this case, if I put the cursor into the div, without selecting something, and I press the button, appears nothing, and the function insertHtml doesn't work. Try it with the example "full-loaded", create a div with floating and try to insert some html! Thank you, it's quite important, because lot's of sites web standard use floating div. (also my web-site) Lorenzo